The Harrisville Atelier for Theatre, Creation and Hypothesis (HATCH) at the Schoolhouse brings female-identified and non-binary artists to bucolic southern New Hampshire to begin development on a new piece of theatre.

We believe in:

• Innovative methodologies for art making and the importance of unencumbered exploration

• Feeding artistic process through connection to the natural world, concentrated time and space, and conversations with artistic collaborators in a piece’s early stages

• The Harrisville community (and community of artists at the schoolhouse) as a powerful resource

HATCH is an incubator, an opportunity to throw a crazy idea at the wall and see what sticks. It’s also an opportunity to learn about yourself alongside amazing artists who are also trying radical new things and forms, in a really beautiful place, facilitated by some of the most awesome female artists around. Being in this town, full of really beautiful and welcoming folx who have opened their arms and helped me. I’ve been so grateful for everyone here in Harrisville.
— Nia Benjamin, HATCH Lead Artist 2018

The Residency

HATCH at the Schoolhouse is for female-identified and non-binary theater artists who are seeking space and resources to explore a new piece. This week-long artistic retreat is designed for those with a seedling of an idea to begin experimenting in the creative, historically preserved mill town of Harrisville, New Hampshire, away from the distractions of home. This residency will culminate in a dinner, party, and informal sharing with members of the Harrisville community.

HATCH is for individual artists who can bring one key collaborator with them. (In conversation with the organizers, additional collaborators will be provided.) Selected artists will also be provided with work space, meals, accommodations, artistic support, and a modest honorarium.