lead artist: Brett Robinson

collaborator: eva steinmetz

RE-ENACTMENT is a theatrical reenactment of the 1986 MOVE Bombing. I am from the South, and I have always found it interesting that Civil War reenactments are used to “keep history alive”. Which has always felt really complicated to me. Why would we want to keep that narrative of the Confederacy alive? Why do we keep retelling this story? But more importantly what stories do I want to tell? What narratives do I feel like are important to keep alive?  In some ways reenacting the MOVE bombing is a way to keep a piece of history alive that is equally, if not more valuable.  The stories we retell in our communities become a part of our collective conciseness. By retelling stories we are rewriting our history, we are reaffirming our values and codifying which narratives are important to our humanity.  I want to offer the MOVE bombing as a piece of history we hold up in the same way. RE-ENACTMENT is also a piece that should be highly accessible. The dream is to create a piece that can be performed in living rooms and on the stage. At the end the goal is to create a piece that can be downloaded and performed anywhere.