La Llorona

lead artist: Isabella sazak

Collaborator: camilla dely

“La Llorona” (working title) will be a performance for all audiences told through the magical mediums of puppetry and music. It will be a very free adaptation of the original myth, where a mother (La Llorona) dies from grief and becomes a ghost, forever haunting and singing on the shores of the river that took her children’s lives. In our version this myth is repurposed to tell a story about environmentalism, and the dangers that many marginalized populations face in a society where money rules, and violence and pollution run wild with rampant deregulation. Women and children are particularly vulnerable, especially those who try to fight for the safety of their land and water. In our story, La Llorona’s children are poisoned and killed by heavy pollution in the river, in a land where businesses and factories have taken over, dumping their waste, and abusing its people with impunity. After the death of her children, La Llorona attempts to rally her community and protest the factories, to save the river and lives of future children, but is assassinated for her dangerous organizing. Unwilling to give up her mission even in death, her ghost haunts and punishes the factory owners until they are forced to either leave, or clean up their ways. La Llorona is reunited with the lost souls of her children, and together they become the guardian spirits of the river and their people.