Lead artist: maura krause

collaborator: lena barnard

DOMINION is a piece exploring the parallel between humanity’s encroachment upon nature, and the folkloric trope of the animal bride, in which a man forces an animal to marry him in her human form, by taking away her pelt. Just as humans both fear nature and attempt to exploit it, men both fear the female body and assume access to it. The piece encompasses various versions of the animal bride tale taking place in several distinct environments, each with both a specific ecology -- such as a desert or a coast -- and a specific theatrical style -- such as realism or absurdity. Both the physical environment and the stylistic setting dictate the rules of the world, how a human lives and survives, so what does it mean when these ecologies begin to break down, and a character must take refuge in a new place, with the same plot but entirely different rules? Using the comfort of archetypal stories, DOMINION presents a tangled view of our modern struggle with co-existence and displacement.