How to Apply


HATCH (The Harrisville Atelier for Theatre Creation and Hypothesis) is a residency for Philadelphia female and non-binary theater artists who are seeking space and resources to explore a new piece. This week-long artistic retreat is designed for those with a seedling of an idea to begin experimenting in the creative, historically preserved mill town of Harrisville, New Hampshire, away from the distractions of home. This residency will culminate in a dinner, party, and informal sharing with members of the Harrisville community.

HATCH is for individual artists who can bring one key collaborator with them. In conversation with the organizers, additional collaborators may be provided. Selected artists will also be provided with work space, meals, accommodations, artistic support, and a modest honorarium.

HATCH was founded by Miriam White, Becky Wright and Nell Bang-Jensen in 2016. The inaugural residency, in Summer 2017, supported the work of Jenn Kidwell and five of her collaborators. The HATCH 2018 artists were Brett Robinson, Maura Krause, and Nia Benjamin. Information on how to apply to be one of the artists in residence for HATCH 2019 follows.

HATCH 2019 is scheduled for July 28, 2019 - August 4, 2019.


The seedling of an idea for a piece. (This could be text, movement, or design driven, aiming to result in a script, physical score, or sketch and can consist of any kind of authorship—group, playwright, found text for performance, non-verbal).

A key collaborator you would like to bring with you

A commitment to an informal sharing at the end of the week

An openness to being in a collaborative, communal environment

WHAT WE PROVIDE (for all participating artists):


One prepared meal a day plus groceries

Rehearsal space


A supportive communal living situation

Artistic support

Visibility to you and your project

Travel stipend



Applications are reviewed by a panel of Philadelphia and Harrisville theater artists. It is vital that each application is completely anonymous. Please do not include your name on any of your materials (or in any of your writing) other than your cover sheet and resume/CV.

To help us facilitate an unbiased application process, please submit THREE SEPARATE PDFs:

1) A file containing a PDF of your resume/CV (including your contact information)

2) A PDF of a cover sheet that lists: a working project title, your name and the name of the key collaborator* you would bring with you to HATCH, if known. (*Collaborators can be of any gender.)

3) A PDF in which you respond to each of the following prompts in a few sentences:

Tell us about yourself. How do you self-define as an artist right now? As a person?

What is a seedling of an idea for a piece that you want to explore?

What about a remote retreat in a communal living situation makes it an appealing environment to explore this idea?

What resources would be helpful for you to have access to? (Could be “19 dancers”, “a really talented lighting designer”, “a trombone”, “a protein-rich breakfast”).

How would you plan to use your time at this residency?

Answers to the above questions should not exceed 2 pages. We will keep these PDFs separate in order to maintain a blind application process for our panel. Please make sure each page in your 3rd file is labeled with your working project title ONLY: do NOT include your name.

Please note that while HATCH encourages collaboration and collaborative projects, each application should be completed by a single artist. Each HATCH artist can bring one key collaborator with them to the residency. If you know who this collaborator is at the time of application, be sure to include their name (and role, if defined) on your cover sheet. If you do not know who your key collaborator would be at the time of application, your collaborator will be determined in conversation with the HATCH team following acceptance into the residency.

Please submit these three files to by January 15, 2019.

You will receive an email that we received your submission. Finalists may be contacted for further conversation.