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Alexandra Esponiza: "Solly Dreams in Spanish" is a seedling of a play that is about three generations of an Afro-Latinx family who are descendants of Guiomar, an Afro-Venezuelan folk hero whose husband led a slave rebellion in 1552. In Zandra's words, "I believe that Guiomar had the capacity for magic, and I believe she has passed that on to my characters." Zandra's work with her collaborator Virginia Sanchez will involve understanding the role of magic and Santeria in the world of her play and the lives of her characters.

Magdalene San Millan: “Death Show for Children” is a live performance death education show for kids and their adults. It uses kids' favorite tactics: humor, mischief, mess and good- natured indulgence to address the taboo topic of death with openness and neutrality. The social experiment is: what kind of adults will our kids become if we start talking to them about death now?

Isabella Sazak: “La Llorona” (working title) will be a performance for all audiences, loosely based on the original myth, and told through the universal mediums of music and puppetry. It will be an adaptation that honors the activists and water protectors, particularly the womxn and mothers who have fought and often died to protect their land and their rivers from pollution and exploitation.